Finally…A Fail-Proof Way To Naturally Move From Giving a Boring Blowjob to Being the Oral Sex Goddess of his Dreams…
Without Experiencing the Awkwardness That Comes From Not Knowing What to Do to Give Your Man the Best Blowjob of His Life…


From: Jessica Perez

Dear Friend,

If you want to be the absolute best lover he has ever had then this may be the most important letter you ever read…

Your man has probably been thinking about you. And what he wants you to know will change your life overnight.

Here's the story: My name is Jessica Perez, and I just finished writing an astonishing "For Women Only" book that has become a sexual wake-up call for savvy gals of all ages, married and single. It explicitly reveals the ignored secrets of love and sex that Men desperately wish women knew about oral sex…will never say so directly (for reasons I'll explain in a minute).

You’re here because you want to learn blowjob techniques that will rock his world. You also want to…

  • Get the exact blueprint to what a man wants in bed
  • Satisfy His Physical Needs to Open Up His Emotions
  • Be his best lover and make him whimper in excruciating pleasure

If you are willing and eager to provide him pleasure through oral sex, he will open up his sexual needs to you. Being closer together as a couple, sexually and intimately, is the secret to that lasting bond that lasts through the years.

Perhaps you want him to tell you what thrills him in bed but, he won’t give you details of what he really wants; and you’ve had enough of listening to “you’re doing fine, baby” when he clearly isn’t enjoying himself. 

Have you heard that men want sex while women want to have relationships? It goes deeper than that.

Women need to emotionally connect with a man before she can get physical, while a man needs to satisfy the physical before he can really open up emotionally to a woman. Still think the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Think again!

If you can relate to one or all of the statements above, you need to read every single word on this page. What you're going to learn will change the way you think about giving head and pleasing men.

First, let’s talk about why you are not pleasing him through oral sex
Three Mistakes that MOST Women Make Consistently … and the One Killer Mistake that ALL Women Make When Giving Head

Mistake #1: Awkwardness and Feeling Tired After Just Several Minutes of Giving Head

Most women can start a blowjob right but never finish because of tongue muscle cramps and jaw locking. When these happen, men feel the tension (and more often than not, sharp teeth!) and get turned off.

Mistake #2: Seeing Blowjob as a Tedious Chore

You CAN learn to enjoy blowjob just by being adventurous and playful. If you can see blowjob as a way to express your sexuality, you will never have to feel tired or bored while giving head.

Mistake #3: Lack of Knowledge of the “Hot Spots: on the Penis and the Whole Gonad Area

There are specific areas on a man’s penis which increase the likelihood of orgasm, but a lot of women miss these completely.

And, finally, here’s the most common mistake that lead to annoyance, discomfort and relationship tension....

Mistake #4: Some Women Do NOT Develop a Fail-Proof System to Make Him Climax through Oral sex

To really learn the skills to make him climax through blowjob, you must develop a system to vary, combine and intensify the pleasurable sensations men feel while being blown… and they let their men confuse them even more with barely thought out instructions on where to lick, when to suck harder and when to speed up…

If no consistency is achieved, what results is a hit-and-miss blowjob style that only works at certain times. This lack of consistency makes women feel more inferior about their blowjob skills.

I know about these mistakes because I have been there….

  • I used to be at a loss how to properly deliver a stunning oral sex performance that he and I really enjoy. I remember lying there wondering what it is I am missing
  • I can imagine the pain that you must be feeling when you cannot respond in action to what your man wants because no matter how your tongue, your mouth and your jaw cannot directly act on what it is he is requesting

As women, we don’t have penises, so we do not know exactly how a Blowjob feels like for him. All we can do is take our partner’s penis inside and HOPE that he feels good. Asking him to tell us how to really make him climax through blowjob is also USELESS.

Sure he knows what feels good but because he is straight, he will never really know how to deal with the process of blowing.

Until I got fed up with all the floundering and confusion, and did something about the situation....

Then, something amazing happened. I learned how to blow a guy like a gay guy would.

Yes, a Gay guy.

How a Gay Guy’s Advice on
Giving Head Made Me Give the Best Blowjob Ever

I approached a gay friend to teach me how to give a blowjob properly because:

  • He can tell me how a man feels while being blown (he is a man too!)
  • He can describe which spots on a man’s penis are the most sensitive
  • He can give effective tips on how to deal with fatigue and tongue stiffness
  • He can offer useful advice on how to handle discomfort while giving head

My gay friend understands how to use the knowledge of what feels good to make another guy FEEL good. Using a vibrator, he demonstrated all that he knows about taking a man deep in my mouth, the proper way to suck and the best way to keep going until the man reaches climax. A gay guy can give you all the hidden secrets that your man wishes you knew about. This is real information from someone who knows.

Straight men (your partner included) will try to tell you what they want, but they cannot describe the process to you (how could they?). They will just say “you’re doing fine, honey” (when it’s clearly not true!) just because they don’t want to hurt your pride.

Here’s what happened after I received shocking and mind boggling blowjob instructions from a Gay guy…

Although I recorded the conversation for transcription later, I also wrote everything down in detail and then immediately ran to my boyfriend’s house to apply everything I have learned. Wonder of wonders, I was able to make my partner climax inside my mouth in a matter of minutes… and THEN after a few more minutes…

And because, I was lucky enough to get instruction from a master blowjob giver, I’m teaching the exact same things I learned on my book   “Blow His Mind Tonight”, so that you too may know …

  • How to recognize the signs that you’re going in the right direction, his level of arousal and what you need to do to push him over the edge. Some men don’t moan or thrash around even when they’re very, very close to orgasm. But there are signs that his body gives you to let you know that he’s enjoying the blowjob and that he’s about to let it all out.
  • How to look undeniably sexy while giving him head … even if it’s your first time giving a blowjob. Your confidence will show in your actions, and that is extremely sexy. Never feel awkward about going down on him again.
  • An encyclopedia of blowjob, handjob and footjob “routines” that you can try, combine and perform easily. Be spontaneous and kinky without things getting monotonous by using one fresh technique or a different combination of techniques every time you perform oral or manual sex on your man.
  • Make your tongue obey whatever you want it to do, so that it moves all over his shaft while he is inside your mouth.
  • Have him screaming for release. Swirl your tongue around his shaft in a way that will get him closer and closer to that explosive climax that he craves for.
  • The real secrets to never losing lubrication inside your mouth while you’re blowing him. A moist mouth is the best thing in the world for a man who is getting a blowjob. Here, you will discover several ways to keep the lubrication going until he climaxes.
  • How to help him overcome premature ejaculation through the handjob and blowjob skills that you will learn. Your man could be having control problems in any sexual situations you may be in. With these simple exercises, you can give him the gift of lasting longer in bed with you.
  • How to take charge of his orgasm, by controlling the rhythm of blowjob and hand job. Extend his pleasure by delaying his orgasm, and there are also ways to rush him so he cannot resist the intense gratification of climaxing inside your mouth.
  • The three things any woman can do to give a mind-numbing hand job.  If you can pleasure him with your hand alone, think of how much more pleasure he will be feeling when you combine your handjob skills and your blowjob skills.
  • How to combine handjob, blowjob and breast play to make him climax harder. Notice how he adores your breasts? You can use his boob fetish to please him more through oral sex by simply including your breasts in this simple, easy-to-follow blowjob-handjob routine.
  • The right way to give a rim job. Most women feel awkward doing analingus, but in this book you will learn the correct and most pleasurable way to give him that anal licking that will send him to space.  
  • How to pace the way you blow him, so that you maximize the sensation he feels through your hand, mouth and tongue movements.
  • How fast or slow you go dictates the intensity of his orgasm and the build-up of climax. Now you can finally blow in a rhythm or pace he really likes.
  • How to indulge in the kinkiest sex fantasies that will forever make you the only woman he fantasizes about. You can be the naughtiest girl in the world for him If you do ONE of the countless kinky and fun oral sex fantasies in this book.
  • How to Swallow His Semen (and actually ENJOY IT!) Peek inside the male psyche and discover the real reason why swallowing is important to him! What you can do to easily swallow his pre-come and semen like you’re drinking a smoothie! 

...and that’s just HALF of what this book has to offer. You can bet there’s MORE! 

This book is must-reading for any woman who seriously hungers to understand what Men want. In plain English, you get a detailed breakdown of Men's hidden sexual desires... their most secret romantic yearnings... plus a virtual step-by-step road map of their physical and emotional ''hot buttons." Everything that will give you (for the first time in your life) an almost unfair advantage in dealing with Men!

What's more...

You Can Read It
The Next 60 Days!

As women all over the country are now learning, this is exactly the kind of “How To Be A Sex Goddess” your man has been praying you would discover. The secrets revealed here will cause immediate and dramatic changes to your life on every level--giving you easy and simple solutions to being the best lover he has ever had…finally understanding what's going on in his head...

And Guaranteeing That Your Life Is Filled
With Sex, Love, And Intimacy!

With this incredibly potent new information...

  • You will quickly and easily master how to give a perfect blow-job and hand-job…even if you’ve never given one before.
  • You will be the best lover he has ever had
  • You will spice up your sex life with tons of hot new techniques
  • He will be blown-away by what you can do to him…he’ll never dare think of any other women again!
  • You will quickly be able to "connect" with Men on an intimate level that makes them weak at the knees! (No one will be "out of your league" anymore!)
  • will finally know how to consistently satisfy a man's deepest sexual needs..

While He Returns The Pleasure
With A Fresh Enthusiasm
That Will Make You Blush!

This new book is called BLOW HIS MIND TONIGHT and it gets down to explicit business so quickly I had to have the lawyers look over this letter before I could mail it to you. (You aren't mentioned by name in the book, of course, though, if you're like most women, you will be stunned at just how "close to home" it gets.)

If you were one of the fortunate few who got their hands on a limited-edition preview copy, you know what all the buzz is about.

Have a look at what has happened for those who have tested out the oral sex techniques in BLOW HIS MIND TONIGHT so far...

"I taught my current felt SO good!"

First off, I’m a guy and I read this book myself (no I’m not gay).   There’s a lot of techniques in here so I’m still trying to memorize them all.  The ones I did memorize, I used it to teach my girl how to do the blowjob technique.

I’m trying to memorize them because if I ever get a new girlfriend, I can teach her how to give a blowjob or handjob the right way.

I taught my current girlfriend and she thought it was kinda weird, but whatever, it felt so good!

-Patrick S.


"I Haven't Seen My Husband So Happy In Years!"

Dear Jessica

I have to say I was skeptical about this book, but I just couldn’t resist the title!  I’ve read many books out there on fellatio, but almost all of them are too basic, and I didn’t learn anything new.

After reading this book, I tried out of a few tricks right away.  I haven’t even tried all the techniques yet, but with the ones I’ve tried, I have to say I haven’t seen my husband so happy in years!  This book essentially renewed our sex lives!

-Beverly M.


"One Word.  WOW."

Dear Jessica

I told my girlfriend to read the PDF.

One word.  WOW.

I’ve never been so hard in my life!

Thank you, this is amazing

-Joshua B.


"I’m Feeling More Confident In My Ability To Give My Boyfriend Pleasure"

Jessica, thank you for this book.

I’m a little shy and timid when it comes to anything to do with sex, and I was lacking confidence in my abilities to give my boyfriend pleasure.

Because of this, I usually don’t do anything at all, and he ends up doing all the work.

I downloaded your book and read it in one sitting.  It was incredible!  I felt relieved in knowing that I finally knew what to do to him in bed.

Well, I tried out the “Over the Top” one, and my boyfriend was shocked.   He told me he never felt anything like it before! 

But the best part is that now I know what to do, and I’m feeling more confident in my ability to give my boyfriend pleasure.

Thanks again,

-Lisa R


"After my husband recovered from one of your techniques, he told me


My husband and I have had a good sex life for the past 17 years, but we wanted to spice things up.

Long story short, this book did the trick.  After my husband recovered from one of your techniques, he told me “that was the best ever”!

-Kate M.


"It just feels like I have TOTAL CONTROL over him now"

Hi Jessica

I just love the reaction I get from my man when I use the techniques in your book on him!  The moans, facial expressions, heavy breathing, even his eyes rolling to the back of his head…it’s like I cast a spell on him!

It just feels like I have total control over him now.  He he he!

-Rebecca V.

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I have a simple (and selfish) reason for sending you this book: When you see what's in it, you are going to tell your friends. And word-of-mouth is a major way for me to sell books. (Only women, like you, who receive this letter get to see the book risk-free--everyone else is out of luck…it’s not even available in bookstores.)

And there's something here for every woman in every romantic situation. What happens when you can "read his mind"?  Check this out-here's just a sample of what you're about to discover:

  • How to make sure YOU'RE the girl who gives him the best sex he'll ever have! (This is the most important sexual education of your life.)
  • His #1 secret for OVER-THE-TOP orgasms! (The kind that will leave your man cross-eyed)
  • The hottest thing a woman can do - It puts you in control-and sends him to heaven
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  • Awesome new bed tricks that actually double a man’s pleasure
  • Sex tips that put you in control…inside and outside of the bedroom
  • The #1 secret blow-him-away oral sex
  • The kinky trend guys crave...but he’ll never dare tell you!
  • Killer oral sex tips and hand job techniques that will blow his freakin’ mind in bed…and…after he regains his composure, he’ll tell you…

“That Was The BEST EVER!”

  • What you must do to prepare for oral sex the right this wrong and you’ll both be turned off

You can see why "word-of-mouth" for this book is spreading like wildfire.

Wouldn't you love to be the best lover he will ever have in his life, spice up your sex life with hot new techniques, learn the RIGHT ways to give a killer blowjob and handjob that will make him virtually obsessed with you?  And finally know how to keep him ecstatically happy to be with you?

This is important:

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  • How to make him crazy for you…The once-a-day habit that leads to a lasting bond…and guarantee that you’re always on his mind
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Than 99.9% Of All Other
Women On The Planet!

  • Discover the dirty little secrets of what every woman wants to know…and…what every man wishes his partner would do to him
  • How to keep him more than satisfiedeven if you have your period
  • The biggest mistakes almost every woman makes with their teeth and how it instantly KILLS any chances you have to pleasure your man! (I’ll show you what not to do, and what to do with your teeth to maximize his pleasure).
  • A clever "Mechanic's Guide" to giving him multiple orgasms! Get ready for a graduate course in Advanced Lovemaking-what you're about to learn will rock his world ...and yours.
  • How to fire up his sexual libido fast, even while he insists he's "not in the mood"! (Quadruple your opportunities for unbelievably great sex!)
  • How to give a "world-class" blowjob! Men insist most women are NOT great at oral sex (even after years of marriage). Let me finally teach you…

The Simple Secrets To Hotter,
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  • How to breath the right way during oral you won’t end up breathless and gasping for air (but he will)
  • Do you suffer from neck aches, lockjaw, numbness in the face, or headaches when performing oral sex?  Here’s how to get rid of them for good.
  • The #1 thing you absolutely must do if you have an uncircumcised man. Miss this, and he’ll think you’re a beginner at oral sex

Plus-unlike all the gooey "relationship" books out there, this book will feed you pages full of the exact detailed sexual techniques men say over and over they want more of.

Like: The ''ice cream cone" secret for giving him fabulous oral sex!... Super-hot new handjob techniques you've never tried that will keep him eager for more!... The incredible blunder most women make during oral sex that RUINS his orgasm!... A no-nonsense guide to his most sensitive-yet ignore erogenous zones!...Easy way to tickle his elusive "Male G-spot" -- the biggest news in male orgasms in 50 years!... plus... Advance oral-sex tricks: When you whip out one of these doozies…

He’ll Know He’s With A Real Woman!

And much, much more. This truly is a lovemaking revelation for all women...and the sexual "payoffs" you receive just for paying attention here will turn your love life around overnight. What's have no excuse for not learning these secrets...because you can see them risk free!

It wasn't easy getting this information. Men ARE different from you and me. They say that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

But I would argue that…

“The Way to a Man's Heart Is NOT Through His Stomach…But…About Six Inches Lower!”

What's more, most Men would rather do dishes than hand over the combination to their hearts. It's incredibly frustrating to him that you don't already know how to do what he wants. (Sound familiar?) He wants you to find out on your own.

That's why this breakthrough book of his innermost desires is so incredibly important.  And because this book is written by women, for women-using direct language-it's finally easy for girls to understand even his deepest and most embarrassing thoughts. For the first time ever, his "code" has been broken for you.

And the best part is…your man will LOVE you for mastering these elusive secrets of his heart! He is  desperate for you to understand him on this level. Here's more:

  • 6 little-know secrets for giving an UNFORGETTABLE hand job
  • A secret pleasure spot found only on circumcised men.  Push this button and…

You’ll Send Him Into Orbit With Pleasure!

  • Attention, women with uncircumcised men: Here’s what you need to do to guarantee hassle-free oral sex
  • His secret pleasure points…touch only if you want to drive him insane in the sack
  • How to cure his premature ejaculation without any pills, creams or sprays
  • Stroke him this way…The perfect pressure…His secret spot…And other steamy tips
  • Little tongue-tricks that will melt his ice-cream cone
  • Does your man have a foot-fetish? Do this to drive him through the roof
  • Learn what the most satisfied lovers know about sex that most women never discover in their lifetimes
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He’ll Be So Hot,
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  • Tease him and please him! The magic fingertip trick…The start-stop technique…and other mind-blowing tips
  • The oral sex test - Answer these 21 questions to know if you suck at sucking
  • Try this hand-job technique with him tonight…you’ll make him melt, and he’ll be putty in your hands

And don't forget-you get to "test drive" every single one of these secrets yourself...absolutely RISK FREE.... No risk... no hassles... no small print. Here's another peek at what you'll learn:

  • The #1 thing he craves during sex…A move so hot, it’s guaranteed to make him scream YOUR name (that is…after he catches his breath)
  • How you can make him last longer with this technique
  • 9 sex secrets every woman must master if they want to be an unforgettable lover

All right-I'm stopping here (though I could go on for another twenty pages). It's time for you to see this amazing book for yourself…

And just when you were convinced this was already a "sweet deal", let me make it a complete "no brainer" for you...

Let Me Make This A Complete "No Brainer" For You By Throwing In These 4 Incredible "Super Bonuses" To Make Sure You Have All You'll Ever Need To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life...

Special Bonuses For
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Make Him Into A Better Lover:
Top 25 Female Orgasm Tips for MEN !

  • How to find the "orgasm button" known as the G-Spot...stimulate this area correctly, and I guarantee she’ll have an orgasm! (In fact, do this correctly and she can experience multiple orgasms and possibly ejaculate!)
  • The 3 Best Sex Positions to hit the G-Spot while you're having intercourse
  • 2 "Advanced Fingering Techniques" to bring your lover to multiple escalating orgasms

Top 10 Secrets To Enhance Your Love, Intimacy & Happiness In Your Relationship

  • If he's friends with another women, do THIS
  • How to enhance intimacy even if you're afraid (don't worry, we all are)
  • How to get a passive man to take the lead...and become the knight in shining armor that you've always wanted

Top 10 Secrets To Attract, Catch & Keep And Have The Relationship That You Want

  • Discover how to create "intense attraction with a man
  • How to communicate with emotionally distant men
  • Why men withdraw...and what YOU can do about it

Love Signs: Astrology & Love Advice For Women

  • How to be happy together even though you're incompatible
  • How to know if he's all right...or...all wrong
  • Is your love meant to be? You'll be surpised at what the stars have to say...
  • ...and much, much more...

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